The Beloved Japanese Novelist Who Became a Queer Manga Icon

Nobuko Yoshiya’s stories of frustrated, forbidden love helped establish a genre read by millions.


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  1. Yoshiya is indeed an icon, and her Two Virgins in the Attic is my favorite. Her stories were written with rich historical background but because of culture, it was stil considered as a taboo.

  2. The article was worth reading. I didn’t know it until now that shojo manga became established because of her. I had the chance to visit Kamakura but I didn’t know that such museum for her works exist.

  3. Oh, so this is where Hana Kimi was inspired from. Also, she seemed to grow as a man-hater as she was never married. But still, her novels deserve respect because of how much women were treated before and she stood up to try on changing it.

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