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  1. Wow. Dragon Ball heroes has such an amazing episodes. Haven’t watched from the first episode. But wow, it really made me want to watch from the first episode. I thought since dragon ball z has been for a long time with many episodes and series already, what more can it give? Bu this episode really shows Dragon Ball z is an unbeatable anime 🙂

    • I watched maybe until Majinboo and I only stopped because our TV Network here stopped airing it. There was no internet that time and I don’t think Japan ships Dragon Ball Z CDs here. So yea, it was really a good Anime. I dunno where to start if I want to continue though.

  2. This is one of those animes that shaped my childhood. They bring back memories of how these animations became my first heroes, not superman or batman, but Goku!

  3. My bro can’t stop himself from being glue to the screen as I’m grinning watching him. Though I don’t watch Dragon Ball, it’s always fun watching my little brother like this

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