Interesting One Piece facts

Here are facts about One Piece that would be interesting to learn! Try the test out.

  • Who is the captain of Big Mom Pirates?

    • Charlotte Cracker
    • Charlotte Lintin
    • Charlotte Brulee
  • Who is the executive of Big Mom Pirates?

    • Charlotte Laurin
    • Charlotte Tablet
    • Charlotte Noisette
  • Who is the captain of White Beard Pirates

    • Edward Newgate
    • Izo
    • Speed Jiru
  • Who is the doctor of Straw Hat Pirates?

    • Karoo
    • Zeus
    • Tony Tony Chopper
  • Nami used to be a member in which pirate group?

    • Big Mom Pirates
    • Arlong Pirates
    • White Beard Pirates


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  1. 5 out of 5! well the time spent to do analyze (although for own entertainment) seems to show it worth in quiz like this lololol (though again, this is just for fun so let’s chill!)

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