Shueisha Reveals New Circulation Numbers, Demographics for its Manga Magazines

Shueisha released its “Media Guide 2019” document on Monday, which gives information about its various magazines to advertisers, including the company’s manga magazines.


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  1. I didn’t know that they own most of the popular magazines for manga like Shonen Jump and Weekly Young Jump. The word ‘jump’ must be their give away there.

  2. I wonder if they only have a million for now or maybe because there are tons of manga websites now hence people chooses to read free manga than pay for a subscription.

  3. They printed millions and probably sold millions. At some point I was thinking how they earn money when pirated copies are all over the web. Seems like there are a lot more people who loves manga to a point of supporting the makers, rather than freeloading. lol. Well, I have a few copies myself though which I bought online. That feeling of having an original feels good that’s why.

  4. This manga creator is really admirable. Just wow how they have sold so many copies of their manga. I believe those who really loved a certain manga would get to a point that he will buy a copy even after already reading it online ^^. Never had one though. Not yet to extreme in manga reading ^^. But I really loved to. Just now, can only have some hours to spent for it.

  5. I’m interested in target and demographic group analysis of Men’s Magazine readers over the past year. From the demographic group analysis, the largest consumer groups are clearly adults. This is really a good article, you have to read this!.

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