Shoujo Manga Magazine's Latest Debut Author is Just 13 Years Old

Young debuts are far from unheard of in the shoujo manga industry, but some cases really push the boundaries and go beyond simply being impressive. [View more]


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  1. 13歳は若すぎることはないと思います。日本国内の漫画市場は低迷しているので、若い才能がどんどんてでくることを望みます。
    I think 13 is not too young. The cartoon market in Japan is sluggish, so I hope that young talent will come more and more.

    • I would love to see which kind of genre you will be dealing into. 😀 Give it a try when you are at that age, who knows if you can still maintain your fine motor functions by that age.

  2. 13 years old? Dang that’s pretty impressive. The artstyle looks beautiful and will definitely give this a read. Being thirteen in that kind of industry is very inspirational since I also love manga and drawing, hope the author will be able to pull it off!

  3. Wow, that young author is really impressive. When I was thirteen, I’m still playing with my friends. I don’t have that kind of thinking. But when I was at his/her age I love reading manga and watch some anime.

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