Rival manga magazines team up, offering 160 works for free:The Asahi Shimbun

As if taking a page out of their own comics, two longtime arch-rivals have joined forces for their o


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  1. I think this is a positive thing because subscribers of both magazines will now have access to all of these mangas they both have. This is something to welcome to.

  2. “We are rivals. However, we are collaborators who should make the manga industry flourish together,” I like this phrase. Collaboration is really good specially when both are good team. Many would really like free of charge reading manga.

    • Collaboration has just become a thing for entertainment industries, even on games. You will see protagonists of a certain game being on another game as a guest character now.

  3. It’s cute, seeing that in spite that they’re rival they are also collaborator that would help together in making the manga industry as it is and even better in the future

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