Pokémon Shirts opens physical store in Tokyo with all 151 Kanto species designs on display

Mail-order fashion company opens Harajuku showroom so fans can see the shirts before they buy, and also offers in-store exclusive patterns.[View more]


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    • Japan have VERY GOOD reputation when it comes to their products. They would always be expensive compared to foreign prices, but you can be sure that the products will be handled and manufactured not just with care, but also with love. This is legit fact.

  1. I bought Pokemon Boys’ Pikachu T-shirt for my kids before. The shirt fits as expected and good quality. So, I want to visit there someday.

  2. A clothes customization is a pretty neato idea though I’m not sure about that hefty price tag that’s like worth a liiiiitle bit more than one clothing, so I’ll pass on this one if it ever sells here.

  3. Very expensive but I can imagine hardcore Pokemon fans would go for it. I mean, although there are some who can’t imagine pulling their money out for it, we know how far one would go for their hobbies

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