PlayStation Now still isn't good enough

PlayStation Now is still hard to recommend in 2019. [View more]


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  1. I think PSNow is a useful service, however the quality is generally pretty awful and the price is not cheap compared to other similar services.

    • I don’t have PlayStation 4 but I get that PSNow is a subscription, but reading your comment saying you have to stream it makes me feel disappointed already. Why won’t they just let me download the game. hmmmm…

  2. I think if you spend a decent amount of time gaming and have a fast internet connection, PS Now’s streaming services is worth it, as you don’t have to buy or wait so you can download and play games. You can just literally pick up and play whatever that you want! I didn’t know this sort of service exists!

  3. PS Now has never interested interested me in the slightest. I still have my PS3 and games if I ever feel the itch to play them. But if anyone enjoys the service, good for them.

  4. If you do the math, PS4 can look like a much better deal. PC will always run multiplatform games better but only if you spend enough. It’s a tough choice tho.

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