Naruto: Shippuden Explained!

In this article, we plan on highlighting some of the key concepts you need to know before jumping into this series. This will be especially helpful for those who haven’t watched Naruto before.


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  1. Just like in the manga, anime Naruto: Shippuden was so good. If you haven’t watch this anime, please watch this! Naruto Shippuden is an anime that’s worth to watching.

  2. Naruto has the best story and fighting system of all anime that ever existed. Most action anime have this suddenly-got-stronger concept wherein the protagonist gets bullied at start, and at some point new power will arise. In Naruto it’s different, sure there are get-stronger instances because of rage and anger, but almost all of the time it doesn’t work against the enemies. Usually wit makes them win battles. Well, Naruto’s story is without a doubt ultra great. 😀

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