Kenshi Yonezu Announces New Song To Be Theme Song for STUDIO4℃ Movie, Kaijuu no Kodomo!

Today, Kaijuu no Kodomo (Children of the Sea) has announced that popular Japanese singer Kenshi Yonezu is going to lend his voice to the movie for the theme song. His new song is titled “Umi no Yuurei” (Roughly: Spirits of the Sea). 

This is Kenshi’s first time ever contributing a theme song to a movie. Kaijuu no Kodomo is going to be directed by Daisuke Igarashi and STUDIO4℃ will be animating. It will debut on June 7th in Japan and is slated to make a N.A. debut sometime after in 2019.

 The story follows a girl named Ruka who meets two boys at the aquarium where her father works, Umi and Sora. Just like them, Ruka has this strange feeling that pulls her to the sea. When fish start disappearing from the ocean, Ruka and the two boys set out to find out why.


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  1. Theme song plays a big part of how an anime will get the attention of viewers. And it is really admirable that they got a great singer. This will surely make the anime more interesting and lovable.

  2. So it’s Yonezu who is the one that’s going to sing on the theme song ww A lot of user expressed joy in Twitter side of Japan tbh. The good things of all: We can enjoy more of his song!

  3. looking forward for the famous children of the sea to be accompanied by yonezu, considering how his work become very popular from hachi to until now

  4. I thought Kenshi Yonezu will be the voice of one of the characters. His singing will surely attract more viewers, especially with the catchy opening song.

  5. Kenshi is one of the most sought after singers in Japan and I am happy to learn about Kaijuu no Kodomo and its opening theme. His work with Boku was also fantastic.

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