Kemono Friends 3 anime shorts now streaming on YouTube – WOWJAPAN.

Kemono Friends 2 has now ended its run, but it looks like the anime is continuing. This is because the series will be having a few shorts titled “Kemono Friends 3”. And now, Sega has started streaming the first episode, which introduces us to Southern Tamandua and Malayan Tapir. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have English subtitles. …. 


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  1. YouTube is without a doubt the biggest videos site in the world. I think they should hire someone to produce English subtitles for this anime. YouTube has billions of users, and I believe about 80% of this number knows how to speak and understand English.

  2. Will have to wait a few months to see if Kimono Friends 3 will have a good review and a lot of requests for an English subs… then perhaps they will do it and make it available in English-speaking countries.

  3. Hope they release an English subtitled episodes too since it’s quite popular among the global fans. I’m pretty sure YouTube will do something about though.

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