Jojo character designer honestly tells foreign anime fans not to go to Japan and work in anime – SGCafe

Terumi Nishii is one of the most respected artists in Japan, having served as character designer for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable and Mawaru Penguindrum. She’s also one of the few animators who could actually speak English.  In fact, she even has her own English twitter account so she can talk to foreign fans. However,…


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  1. Working for the success and offering your whole heart with your creation is priceless yet these people are not the lucky people you know they are mistreated and work overtime and not receive enough for what they worked for.

  2. I watched this kind of scenario in Bakuman, and even watched some documentaries of how workaholic the Japanese people are, especially those that provides entertainment like games, manga, etc. I’ve read an article before that a game tester could sometimes be asked to work for 16 hours a day with little salary, but still many would do it because of their ‘love and passion’. Maybe they take advantage of it. Working hard is not a bad thing if you can put away stress properly, but one of the stressors that can’t be eliminated is the fact that you are working hard but you earn a little. Hopefully this will change someday for them.

  3. Damn. Working with hours that are outside the normal range and paid not according to what is done, this is really sad. There’s gotta be something done to fix this.

  4. Isn’t this the same guy that went viral last time? www But true, it’s kinda sad considering that anime is really well known. They deserve better for all their hardwork.

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