Japanese collector shows off 31 Pokémon cards in collection worth a total of… how much?!【Video】

Meowth used Pay Day! It’s super effective!


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  1. I think there are more collectors in Japan than collectors from all over the world combined. I’ve read an article about this keyboard that costs $1,400 just because it is made of wood and handmade.

  2. I’ve just learned about this 2 years ago. Can’t believe before that pokemon go cards can are on this kind of trade. And imagine how that cards are too expensive. Much as how many anime fans love this anime.

  3. well, you can say ‘sasuga nihon’ they see things very differently, it’s not that surprising considering just how much they value antique/things that have passed through a long time

  4. I think the satisfaction they are getting from having or owning these collectibles and limited cards can’t be compared with money. Hence they pay the price all the time. 7 million Yen worth of cards is really an awesome collection though.

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