Is Nintendo Labo VR a good idea? – Nintendo Enthusiast

Nintendo has been rumored to be working on a Nintendo Labo virtual reality accessory. If this is true, could Nintendo VR really be pulled off? [View more]


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  1. I think if Nintendo did this, it would be good marketing for other VR services. Although I have no complaint about VR, it is too expensive and there’s no killer app that would justify it.

  2. Well, it’s always wise to remain somewhat skeptical of new ways to play, it’s clear that a lot of thought and energy has gone into creating Labo, despite the fact that it uses cardboard as its foundation. I guess the kids would enjoy and love this.

  3. Depending on player. There will always be people who doesn’t like, and there will be people who like it. Honestly, it depends on how you want to play it

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