Hit manga free to read abroad on the day of Japan release:The Asahi Shimbun

Good news for manga fans abroad, and perhaps bad news for pirates of popular Japanese titles.Oversea


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  1. This is great that overseas fans can now read the latest episodes of “One Piece,” “My Hero Academia” and more from Shueisha Inc. in English for free at the same time they are released in Japan, thanks to a new app.

  2. 集英社の作品の大ファンなので日本人でも楽しみです!ただ、盗作などの可能性がさらに高まりそうで、その辺は心配ですが。。
    I am looking forward to downloading this app. I am a big fans of Shueisha ‘s work! However, plagiarism is likely to increase further..

  3. This is extraordinary that abroad fans would now be able to peruse the most recent scenes of “One Piece,” “My Hero Academia” and more from Shueisha Inc. in English for nothing in the meantime they are discharged in Japan, on account of another application.

  4. Oh my god, free official manga of different kinds, just download an app! That is so good, finally no malware or intrusive ads just to read mangas. I can read it on the go without fucking up clicking the page.

  5. Wow this is really a great thing. I’ve just known of it by now. Many manga readers would really be happy about this. Excited to share it to my friends who also love to read Manga. And yes, latest episodes of One Piece will be available!!!!Thank you so much!!!

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