He's back! Beloved City Hunter enchants and thrills in new feature length anime【SoraReview】

Ryo Saeba, aka City Hunter, comes back in a long-awaited feature-length anime movie after 20 years, and his antics are as outrageous as ever! [View more]


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  1. Mokkori (モッコリ) is a Japanese sound symbol word (gitaigo) that essentially represents the “sound” of something bulging out, usually under … (from wikipedia)

  2. 親と一緒にテレビをみているときに、りょうちゃんがモッコリといっていると少しはずかしかったり…
    It is a bit embarrassing memories that when watching TV with parents, Ryo said Mokkori …

  3. I sometimes watched City Hunter just because my brother was watching it. We had only one TV at that time so I sorta watched it. But it is not really my favorite. I prefer Cat’s Eye. I loved it. Don’t know. I just don’t like the stories and he is just pervert.

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