Free!-Road to the World-Yume new visual and teaser trailer! – WOWJAPAN.

It has just been announced that a updated version of the TV series Free!-Dive to the Future- will be released as a movie Free-Road to the World-Yume! It will air in Japanese theaters from 5th July onwards. The key visual and teaser trailer has been released as well! First off, let’s see the teaser: Pre-release …. 


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  1. Hell yeah! It’s finally back. My favorite sport anime after Haikyuu!! I have been waiting for this. I’m so happy to see my boys back.

  2. While animes based on sports are pretty common, not a lot of them are about swimming. I’m wondering if they will include few scenes from the anime for this film though.

  3. I’m glad to know that they are back! The third season if I am not wrong? That shows them during their college days was really heart clutching.

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