English Dub Season Review: Back Street Girls- Goku Dolls Season One

Back Street Girls– Goku Dolls is the strange tale of three Yakuza agents who, after an overzealous attempt to take out a rival gang, are forced to get sex change operations and perform as the eponymous Goku Dolls, an underground idol group funded by the gang. Back Street Girls is the cruel story of three men tortured physically, emotionally, and psychologically. They are all forced to inhabit the same incredibly small three-room apartment above their performance theater. They are denied food and forced to subsist on IV drips in order to stay thin. They are not allowed to leave the theater for any reason, and when even a minor infraction occurs, they are beaten bloody or forcibly brainwashed to alter their behavior to the whims of their handler.


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  1. I think that It is not typical comedy anime, but also hardcore anime, not extreme one though. At first, I was not sure why Japan created this kind of anime (Yakuza agent), but when I watched it, I got much fun and laugh as I was in another world. I can’t describe well why this anime is good, but if you watch, you would know.

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