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Captain Tsubasa episode 45 aired tonight, 12 February 2019, 1:35 (JST). Have you watched the episode already? It seems as if the game of Furano against Nankatsu will come to an end this time. Take a look at the stills and introduction to the episode below if you didn’t have a chance to watch the episode yet! Episode 45 – Tears in Airport It’s the second semi-final game and Nankatsu is one point in the lead. There are ten minutes left. Both teams are playing with their full power to decide the game for themselves. As the sound of the final whistle is frighteningly close, Furano launches their last attack and buries the ball in Nankatsu’s goal. Furano’s manager Yoshiko is praying for the victory of her team while Matsuyama and Tsubasa start the one-on-one duel of captains! Will Matsuyama, who is said to be the strongest player in the tournament, show his full power? Or will Tsubasa, the friend of soccer balls, be able to take the win? Finally, the last game of the semi-finals is coming [View more]


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  1. I also loved Captain Tsubasa. I can’t believe how much my friends and I played soccer and acted like Captain Tsubasa characters. My favorite is Misaki-kun. No one is superior to my hero, Misaki-kun. I bought only a comic book featured Misaki. The title was I am Taro Misaki. It was so good. Yeah Furano game was also one of the best games in Captain Tsuabsa! I like Matsuyama-kun as well.

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