Got a good One Piece costume? It may win you a trip to Japan:The Asahi Shimbun

A One Piece-themed competition is open for online entries, calling on fans of the widely popular ani


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  1. One Pieceを見始めたのは6年前からでした。当時すごいハマってしまって自分ではあまり自覚がないけど周りから「最近言葉が乱暴になっているね」と言われたほど影響を受けたらしいです(笑)

  2. If I would join this costume competition, I would be copying Nami’s outfit because you just have to wear bras, and pants, and be sexy. She is simply smoking hot and she got a badass personality.

  3. Checked the link and woah, can imagine how tight the competition would be as we’ve a lot of good cosplayer coming out lately. Good luck to those who is applying!

  4. Wooh. One piece fans and anime lovers will be much interested on this competition. I think it’s everyone’s dream is to visit Japan, the country where their favorite anime character was created.

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