Anime character designer flat-out tells foreigners they shouldn’t move to Japan to work in anime

JoJo character designer warns overseas fans about the hardships of working in Japanese animation.


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  1. Sadly this is true. If you watch Bakuman, you will know how much these artists need to rely on luck most of the time to have their ideas and styles to be accepted. Sure thing there are really good artists there, but sometimes you just don’t understand what people want. lol.

  2. Sad to know about this. Though already have some thoughts of how difficult animations can be. But it’s my first time to hear about their condition financially. I think the animation industry can invest part of whatever income they have to other more profitable industry. This way is to support them to continue their production with giving enough support to all animators. Hope they can find a way. It will be too sad to know if they their animators will back out just because they can’t already be sustain their own living with their income or worst their parents cannot support them at all.

  3. I saw this tweet before in Twitter and a lot of user also comment the bitterness regarding to this. It’s sad and animator should be appreciated more to be honest.

  4. this actually went a bit viral in my side as well, and i guess it was famous compare to ghibi studio who is ‘infamously’ known to pay high and well

  5. Creators/animators selflessly give their time and talent for the success of the industry yet they are also one of the people who receive less. It’s time to appreciate these talents, support them and give them equality.

  6. Well maybe what this animation creator wants to say is that foreigners should not try to steal the work that they have been focusing on. They are giving their all on their job and they don’t want some influences to change the direction of their work. You know how foreign influence can affect such.

  7. I think the designer just wants the Japanese animation industry to be purely Japanese work. I mean, you can’t call it a Japan animation if there are foreigners who worked on it right?

  8. Japanese working environment in general is very different from the working environment in other countries. They expect you to work longer hours but it wouldn’t mean to have higher pay like what the anime designer mentioned in the article.

  9. Woah, this is sad. There’s gotta be something done to fix this. I knew that culture of hard work of Japanese people is very high. but after seeing this, it’s really sad:(.

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