An American in Japan is using manga to teach people how to work with foreigners.

Aoi learns to be clearer when interacting with her US colleagues.. Aoi learns to be clearer when interacting with her US colleagues.


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  1. What a cool idea. It’s really a good idea to use Manga to help other people and/or working in Japan. I agree on what the Kopp said regarding the difficulties encountered working with foreigners. I think other people in other countries also experience the same. This is really an informative article.

  2. It’s already 2019 but actually the issues are pretty much the same. I’m glad that they are trying out other means like manga to provide more information to people who might need them.

  3. Hmmm but the pure Japanese culture is something that I love and appreciate about Japan – though a little change might be welcome – I still prefer a Japan that speaks pure Japanese and just let the foreigners learn their language and not the other way around.

    • I totally agree. They should not go with other Asian countries who are now trying to learn and make English their first language. Only in Japan will you have to learn their language to communicate and that’s the Japanese pride.

      • I remember how people from other countriestry to learn Nihonggo because they want to blend in and be able to interact with the Japanese people and not the other way around. Those were the times when Japan was a powerful country.

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